For Retailers

  • BillPayment

    Bill Payment

    The customers can pay various kinds of utility bills like electricity bills, landline bills and post paid bills of all operators through the Payworld retailers. Payworld has tied up with Bill Desk to facilitate this.

  • E-shopping

    E Shopping

    This service is for those end customers who are not very tech savvy. They can order online merchandise by visiting Payworld’s retailers. The retailer makes note of the customer’s choice of the product and shows to him/her a number of options that they can choose from. The price of the product and the estimated delivery time of the product are displayed on the retailer’s screen. The customer pays money and the company that is offering the product; ships it to the address provided by the customer.

  • Hotel bookings

    Hotel bookings

    With Payworld portal, a retailer can offer hotel booking services to their customers. They can give the best deals on hotel booking to their customers and earn high commission on each booking. We offer hotel booking all over India and world across all categories. The booking is done on real time basis and the Payworld retailer can give instant confirmation to their client.

  • GST Filing

    GST filing

    Payworld retailer can offer GST return filing services to their clients. Through our GST software, Payworld retailers can help other small businesses with GST compliance and tax filing, in addition to maintaining their individual business ledgers and other value added services around the same. Our portal gives you a direct interface with government’s portal and all the GST related compliance can be done directly through our software. This allows Payworld retailers not only to earn additional revenues, but also increase walk-ins to their retail outlet.

For Customers

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  • Bill Payement

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